At France-Mar Plastics Inc. we are specialists in the design and custom fabrication of a wide range of plastics including: Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, Polypropylene and Polyethylene.

Our processes include cutting, machining, bending, routing, gluing, welding, shaping and polishing. We offer a complete fabrication service from a simple prototype to pre/post or full production.

We use the following processes:
Cutting: table cut, or machine cut
CNC routing: precision CNC and/or engrave up to 48"x96"
Bending: heat bending up to 96" long and as thick as 1/2" polycarbonate, 1 1/2" acrylic
Gluing: solvent, and UV Welding: rod welding in shop or on site, depending of the project
Polishing: flame polishing or abrasive polishing
Machining: CNC or standard manual machining

Working with your drawings/sketches or ours, we can produce a high quality end product tailored to clients individual needs. Whatever your plastic fabrication needs are, France-Mar Plastics Inc. will more than meet your needs.

With over 30 years of experience within the Montreal area, we will complete your projects with not only well designed pieces, but with superior quality.

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France Mar Inc. produces a wide variety of products like: guard covers, tanks, displays lighting, machined parts, ventilation systems, or custom products as per your specifications.
We can get involved in the designing process, on-site expertise or only manufacturing the products you or your company needs.
Call us today for a free consultation or pricing information.
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Our customer service is one of our main strenghts. You can get real-time support from our experts by phone, e-mail or SMS. Our "One call away" experts can deliver the customer service you deserve, and there is no better help that the one you receive when you really need it.
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